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Improbable, not impossible

Picture 1: Double beer mug. Picture 2: Glasses for cyclops. Picture 3: A waffle cone with spaghetti instead of ice-cream.
Picture 1: Spray paint can with CMY sliders. Picture 2: A hammer with a plug. Picture 3: A pencil gets enlarged as it goes through a magnifying glass.
Picture 1: Coffin-shaped tablet blister. Picture 2: Dice spots spread on the floor. Picture 3: Cut-out paper garland in the shape of scissors.
Picture 1: One giant macaroni on a dish. Picture 2: Transparent plastic cups for shell game. Picture 3: A compass drawing a square.

Improbabilita’ is a collection by a clever photographer: Giuseppe Colarusso.

In English thanks to Comunica34

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