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Escher would buy this game

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Every since and then, I like to comment on games that stands out due to its functioning or its visual design. Monument Valley is outstanding in both fields. It works like Echochrome and its style matches those of Edge or Windosill.

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In English thanks to Comunica34

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Toni Castillo / Interested in everything concerning visual and musical creation, especially technological based things. @tonicq

3 comments on “Escher would buy this game

  1. mouette says:

    où il est ce jeu??? je le veux tout de suite! oui, tout de suite!!!

  2. Lo siento, pero sólo funciona para iPad o iPhone. Y pronto para android. Pero te prestaré el iPad en los Pirineos! :)

  3. mouette says:

    Gracias Toni, podré esperar. Dentro de un mez y medio…

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