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A therapy of the familiar #1: mentally turn noises into shapes

Still frames from the video, portraying odd geometric shapes mixed with the scene

The name of this clip is Noise and it was created in tandem by Katarzyna Kijek & Przemysław Adamski (go say it three times as fast as you can!). I run into it after rediscovering the great work they made for a Shugo Tokumaru song.

Video at Vimeo

Having to hear noises from neighbouring houses can make anyone go bananas. We were lucky, until we had a couple moving in with a cockatoo and a pair of dogs with awful hairstyles. From now on, I’ll make a mental effort to transform the icky cries from the feathered one and the hideous barking from the doggies into beautiful imaginary coloured shapes.

In English thanks to Comunica34

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