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Groovy wall fungi

At my parents’, we decorate the living room walls for Christmas. This time we chose mushrooms as a theme and we found an amusing solution by cutting out and folding paper.

white wall and picture frame covered in typical tree trunk mushrooms
More images of these mushrooms stuck on the wall.
More images of these mushrooms stuck on the wall.

If you want to try this funny wall decoration, below are the steps to follow:

Steps, illustrated

  • 4 y 5 Fold the tabs downwards.
  • 6 Stick the clear tab over the stripped one.

Your fungi are ready to be stuck on the wall. For a graceful result, we recommend many mushrooms in a variety of sizes. How to place them? Watching nature! Pay attention to how real ones grow, in groups and one on top of the other.

In English thanks to Comunica34

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Delf / Graphic designer. She thinks that nuts are extremely well made ​​objects.

2 comments on “Groovy wall fungi

  1. mouette says:

    vais plus pouvoir les enlever!

  2. Delf says:

    T’inquiète pas Dame Mouette… nous trouverons bien d’autres trucs à faire pousser sur vos murs! ; )

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