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‘Displayful’ Hermés

Hermés is one of those daring clients…

Very colourful Hermés displays, full of animals, astounding

A bizarre museum of Natural History, made out of folded paper and leather cut-outs from the brand’s ateliers in Paris. This work, by Zim&Zou.

Hermés Display with false horse heads coming out of the wall, eating out of beautiful leather bags
We found such pictures on Vogue.

Chema Madoz‘s minimalistic but efficient work.

A series of shop windows displaying water aesthetics

The volume interpretations of water visual effects by Bonsoir Paris studio. How clever: these are windows in De Bijenkorf department store in Amsterdam, where water is ubiquitous.

A shop window full of birds that swirl around. Some of them are holding objects by Hermés.

This beautiful and lightweight installation by Pamen Pereira that “reflects on the phenomena fleeting nature and the link between instant and eternity”. There you go.

A shop window with television screens and kerchiefs hanging. The image on the screen is a woman’s face blowing. The kerchief is animated by the woman’s blow out.

The now classic moving display created by Tokujin Yoshioka.

Displays inspired by nature composed by many little pieces. It looks like a vision of the Spring.
Displays inspired by nature composed by many little pieces. It looks like an exotic landscape.
We found the pictures here and there.

And let’s not forget the impressive and overdone stagings by Leila Menchari, who has been Hermés’s official decorator for years now.

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