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Ladies, kindly remove your hats

Black and white collage. A man stands on a ladder, which is on a feminine hat on a giant woman’s head. He is trying to watch a cinema screen. Text reads: Ladies kindly remove your hats

Ladies, kindly remove your hats.

Another collage. Hands applauding and a text that reads: Please, applaud with hands only

Please, applaud with hands only.

An old picture portraying three people. One of them is whistling, the other two are chattering. Text says: Loud talking or whistling not allowed

Loud talking or whistling not allowed.

These are images from the beginning of the 20th century. They were used in silent films to explain the viewers which would be the social behaviour expected during the screening. They come from a collection published by the Library of Congress in Washington. How interesting… people used to struggle with hats back then, right? …

We spotted this whilst walking by ufunk‘s.
In English thanks to Comunica34

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