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Take advantage of tillandsias

Our new word of the day is “tillandsia” this genus of infamous magical plants that can feed from air and its humidity. Many are those having fun thanks to them and just a walk around Etsy, is enough to see what can be done or bought.

Sea urchin shells filled with tillandsias. They look like jellyfish.

Petit Beast‘s flying jellyfish.

3D geometry made out of metallic bands and a tillandsia plant inside.

Geometry games from the shops ME + SHE, DraadZaken and Handmadesammade.

Sea snail and other shells filled with tillandsias. They all seem to have a tentacled creature inside.

Inhabited shell at Robincharlotte‘s shop.

Plastic animal toys filled with tillandsia plants.
Plastic animal toys filled with tillandsia plants.

And here is the bizarre bestiary from Boy-Girl tees.

A little bird named @rafaelobrero whistled about flying jellyfish and I then got curious.
In English thanks to Comunica34

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3 comments on “Take advantage of tillandsias

  1. mouette says:

    Ah! je les aie vues! enfin!!!

  2. Paqui says:

    me encantan esas plantas pero no se puedo conseguirlas

  3. Paqui says:


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