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Objectified air

These are projects that fill up the space, allow us to touch the air, they make it solid in a certain way…

People climbing a structure made out of ropes, letters form out of a net of threads attached to the wall, threads through space.

The impressive String Vienna, a typographic composition seen here and a little montage we found out there.

2 structures invading the air: one is made out of drinking straws and is light, the second one, which is way heavier and thick, is made of a cumulation of dark wool threads.
A net made out of tied sticks.
An intervention made out of drinking straes by Rodrigo Díaz Núñez and Eva Guzmán (we mentioned this project already some time ago), dark nets by  Chiharu Shiota and Stephanie Mayer-Staley‘s work of sticks.

Video at Vimeo
This is the space of Kimchi and Chips‘s line segments.

Tennis balls hanging from the ceiling, showing the bounce trajectory and clouds made out of pipe cleaners.
Ana Soler ‘s tennis balls and Gerri Sayler‘s pipe cleaner clouds.

A space filled up with small colour balls suspended on horizontal threads. A space filled up with vertical panels.
Nike Savvas colourful works. Pictures 1, 2 & 3.

Several pictures of the artist’s work. They all fill the space up, either with geometric structures, or with straight or curved strips…
Ryuji Nakamura‘s stagings and installations. Pictures 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Light cables moving in the dark.
Light axes cross the room, a cube made of hanging light garlands, light axes with very graphical motifs.
Grimanesa Amoros,’s light threads, Anthony McCall,’s solid light, Squidsoup ‘s enchanted rains and Jeongmoon Choi‘s graphics.

In English thanks to Comunica34

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