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For you, friends of the velocipede

A picture of a Japanese-style sash and a scarf in fluo tissue

Vasimimile is a funny brand that creates accessories for one to be seen on the road, avoiding to use that awful yellow waistcoat, wich is low on aesthetics and has not being adapted to the times at all. Whenever you ride a bike, you run or you skate, you’ll be safe whilst keeping your innate elegance. I have fallen for the Vasi Chocou scarf and the Vasi Obibo sash.

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This brand has been created by a french lady who is in love with bicycles. Vasimimile is being born and raised right now. You can check their They have just gotten a nice financing aid in order to develop in optimal conditions, through a crowdfounding platform (you can check this link if you want). I reckon that I am very fond of this project. A great childhood friend of mine who’s full of ideas created it.

A fluo accessory allows to cover the back and the backpack when using the bicycle, and a small fluo waistcoat for children on wheels.

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