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Luis Eslava and his sincere design

Photo 1: Luis Eslava. Photo 2: Plastic Vigin Mary, which is also an USB pendrive. Photo 3: Coat hangers made of a single metallic wire running down in zigzag. Clothes can be put on top Portrait author: Juan Marnítez.

One of the places we visited during the VDW was Luis Eslava´s studio. He is an industrial designer whose work is becoming fairly successful now and also catched our attention in an special way. He has a creative talent for objects but, above all, for everyday objects. That is the way he is, and also his studio. We are not the only ones that think that, of all the studios we visited, this one seemed the most sincere. Small but cozy and also disastrously tidy. An example of this everyday ambient is Luis´s father, now retired but enjoying cooking for everyone at the studio.

Five lamps

His most famous piece of work is the well-known and awarded USB memory “Oh María keep my data safe”, but he also has things like the coat hangers “My mess” to sort out all those messy clothes which can also be used as a way for separating spaces, or his lamps “Face to face” made completely out of Velcro and “Armadillo” for Lzf Lamps (very cool guys).

Photo of the studio. Prototypes for the USB VirginIt was amazing to take a closer look at the studios from within and the prototypes.

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2 comments on “Luis Eslava and his sincere design

  1. marta says:

    qué chuladas! jo, habéis tenido que disfrutar como enanos :)

  2. Toni says:

    Nos lo hemos pasado muy bien. Nos han tratado como reyes. Y una cosa que nos gusta es que todos conocen a todos. Conocimos a dos empresas que producen sus lámparas, la empresa que distribuye la María USB y al que le hizo el retrato, que es más diseñador que fotógrafo. Todos se ayudan.

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