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Little things from the Rehogar exhibition

A new lot of tasty wonders brought from Valencia: objects from the Rehogar exhibition. (Hábitat solutions made from recycled materials)

Exhibition photos: logos on the wall and a space used like a showflat

It was organized by the Makeatuvida group. You walk across what is known as the refuge, a little flat where all objects and furniture have been made from recycled materials. I will show you a couple of examples that allowed me to discover a few resourceful designers…

drinking glasses made from jar caps. The caps become the bottom of the glasses

The faboulous glasses The Liders by Elisabetta Coccioni (her blog).

lamp made from a plastic bottle of milk

The Champi-on lamp, simple but incredibly soft by Nacho Timón.

The place was full of funny inventions. Click here for more photos. They are not optimum quality mainly because the place was poorly lit and our time was limited, but they are good for wrapping up this post. Every object there had a technical sheet explaining the “recipe” that had to be followed to make each object… I loved it. For all the handy people like you, there you go! Have fun!

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Delf / Graphic designer. She thinks that nuts are extremely well made ​​objects.

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  1. pompilo says:

    “Hala, manitas”. La exclamación es con “h” y viene del verbo antiguo “halar”, tirar de una cuerda. Tiene que haber una coma, porque “manitas” es un apóstrofe o vocativo. No hace falta que publiquéis el comentario. Bonita vuestra web.

  2. Delf says:

    ¡Toma clase de castellano! Gracias por la corrección pompilo. Siendo francesa, me viene bien…

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