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Pixels XL

multi-colored 10cm wide square pieces stuck on a wall like pixels composing a mushroom from Nintendo´s Mario Bros videogame.

When I met these guys, the first thing that came to mind was “hey, that reminds me of my application“. Pixels have so much potential … they even thad their own stand in Habitat´s fair, right where the creative young people section was.

VDW letters beside a smiling woman

Their work is simple and well-thought through. Big pixels made from different materials. The ones we played with were very manageable. One side was colored and the other one was black and sticky. How does it stick? By using a type of magnetic paint on the wall. You will not believe the confortable feeling you get when you touch a wall completely covered with these pixels. And you can rearrange them all in nearly no time.

Piece detail

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Toni Castillo / Interested in everything concerning visual and musical creation, especially technological based things. @tonicq

4 comments on “Pixels XL

  1. æon says:

    Parece similar a hacer figuritas con LEGO. ¿Qué resolución tiene el muro?

    Quiero hacer lo mismo en mi habitación.

  2. Toni says:

    Pues depende de la pared, claro. No recuerdo el tamaño exacto del pixel, pero calculo que eran unos 10 o 12 centímetros. Así que sólo queda calcular. Pared de 3x2m, pues 30×20 píxeles.

  3. Guill3m says:

    Eran 10x10cm exactamente, a varios de los voluntarios nos encantó y lo preguntamos el ultimo día :P

  4. Toni says:

    ¡Anda!, gracias Guill3m. Encantado de verte por aquí. Y gracias por la información.

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