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3 in 1 Cutlery

Discovered in a Food&Fun shop window and designed for Light my life by Joachim Nordwall, a swedish company specialized in products designed for ourdoor life.

a spoon, fork and knife in a single piece.

The piece had a remarkable success since its release to the market in August 2005. Its name is spork and, as far as i can see, it is not an original product but a redesign of another (very nice redesign). The spork is the result of mixing a knife and a fork. The concept was conceived during the XIX century to be used by workers during their quick meals or eating away from home.

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Delf / Graphic designer. She thinks that nuts are extremely well made ​​objects.

5 comments on “3 in 1 Cutlery

  1. Stephen says:

    El “spork” es la combinación de la cuchara (spoon) y el tenedor (fork), sin cuchillo. No sé qué palabra hay para combinar todas tres.

  2. VPLV says:

    Nous aussi nous aussi on l’a
    On la trouve depuis un moment en France dans les boutiques Vieux Campeur. Et on la trouve aussi dans tous les magasins de sport d’Europe, la notre on l’a trouvée en Bulgarie, à Sophia.
    C’est vrai qu’elle est sympa, jolie, mais pour ce qui de l’aspect pratique, c’est pas vraiment le top, elle est un peu trop souple. Foi de campeur invertébré. Mais bon l’idée nous a bien plu quand même.

  3. Corazione says:

    Lo venden en decathlon xD

  4. Toni says:

    Habrá que hacerle una visita a decathlon…

  5. Lidia says:

    Me parece un cubierto precioso i practico en algunas ocasiones pero como pinchamos i cortamos a la vez?

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