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At last, my motherly instincts woke up

white ceramic jar with 2 extended baby arms. The jar comes in a box.

I have been carried away by my feelings. I bought this jar at the designboom market in Valencia… It was crying to get adopted and when I saw it, sitting there inside its box, it became a true heartbreaker.

White ceramic set. They are containers that come in several shapes and sizes, each of them with their own little baby arms on both sides.

Their biological father: Roger Krasznai, from Barcelona. Arms&Crafts is the name of the whole collection. Obviously, every piece is handmade and, honestly, they become irresistible when you get them between your own hands… You can buy them here.

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Delf / Graphic designer. She thinks that nuts are extremely well made ​​objects.

3 comments on “At last, my motherly instincts woke up

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bon dia, soy habitual seguidora del blog que me gusta mucho.
    Hoy me sorprendes con lo de el “mercado de designboom en Valencia” ?? , donde??? .

  2. Delf says:

    El mercado de designboom estaba instalado en el mercado de Colón durante la Valencia Disseny Week de este año, a final de septiembre. Ya no está…

  3. Laura Tovar says:

    Jajajajajaja creo que a mi tambien se me despertó el instinto…son demasiado hermosos estos objetos, dan ganas de apapacharlos jajajajaja
    Un Gran saludo

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