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You nosey people…

In a street, somebody looking into a shop window while passing by. Inside, there is a curtain attached to a motorized mechanism that allows it follow the person and keeps him away from peeking in.

My little piece of privacy is an installation done by Niklas Roy and programmed in Processing. It is an experiment that he carried out in his own studio, located in an old shop with a showcase. Maybe he got tired of nosey people peeking into his work and the best way to avoid it was to play with them. Good idea.

Video at Youtube

Me lo dijeron en el bazar de la esquina, Creative applications.

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Toni Castillo / Interested in everything concerning visual and musical creation, especially technological based things. @tonicq

4 comments on “You nosey people…

  1. Álvaro says:

    Jaja qué bueno! cómo me gustan estos pegos

  2. Álvaro says:

    Ya la he visto, os viene muy al caso…jaja. Si necesitas ayuda cuenta conmigo!

  3. Toni says:

    No sabrás algo de Arduino…

  4. monicasilquin says:

    me gusta esta web

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